Hospital lab unit replaced

South Cariboo Health Foundation steps up once again

Carole Rooney          Free Press

SCHF mini incubatorThe 100 Mile & District General Hospital has a new piece of essential lab equipment thanks to the South Cariboo Health Foundation (SCHF).

SCHF spokesperson Brenda Devine says the new VWR Digital Mini Incubator and Thermometer unit brings heightened efficiency to the hospital laboratory.

With a value of $900, the new incubator offers an economical and space saving solution for microbiology (microorganism studies) or hematology (blood work) applications.

It will see more regular use than the current model, which is rarely used because it is the size of a dishwasher and its main function was transferred to another centre, she explains.

However, Devine notes laboratory test tubes fit nicely in the new little one that also sports a glass viewing door.

“The little one will be way more adequate for our needs in 100 Mile House.”

The larger unit will likely go to a bigger health centre somewhere within the Interior Health region, she adds.

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