Starry Nights campaign a huge success.

Barbara Roden

Free Press

The South Cariboo Health Foundation’s (SCHF) Starry Nights fundraiser, which began in November and ran until the end of January, was an overwhelming success, says SCHF public relations director Brenda Devine.

The group’s goal had been to raise $20,000 for an electric imaging trauma stretcher. When the funds were totalled up, Devine says more than $50,000 had been raised – more than double last year’s amount.

We did extremely well; the campaign was very successful. We had a lot more donors than last year and a lot of new donors.”

Devine says the annual campaign is really catching on, and every year people look forward to it.

It’s a real community initiative, and this year people really got behind the imaging stretcher.”

The bed has been purchased and is now ready for use at the 100 Mile District General Hospital.

Devine says the rest of the money raised will be used to purchase items on the “wish list” for the hospital, and will also help support the new urology clinic.

People ask me, before they donate, if I can say that the money will be kept in 100 Mile. I reply that 100 per cent of the funds raised stay here. It’s the reason why the foundation was started in 2002. People realize they participated in something that got purchased for here, she says, adding it’s a nice feeling that they can see what they purchased.

What we campaigned for has been done and purchased. Now, it’s on to the next thing.”

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 Chris Nickless photo

The South Cariboo Health Foundation’s (SCHF) Starry Nights fundraiser was a huge success, raising more than $50,000. Here: SCHF members, 100 Mile District General Hospital physicians and staff pose with the electric imaging trauma stretcher, which was purchased with a portion of the money raised.